Monday, April 20, 2009

Morning has broken.

So, Donkey Punch turned out to be centered around just that. But the movie actually wasn't as bad as we feared, might have had something to do with keeping our expectations low. I'm not saying I recommend it, but if you've got nothing better to do, it won't ruin your life.

Today is Christopher Flaga's birthday. He is 27 today, which is hard to grasp since he was like 11 or something when I first met him. And my baby brother Mario turns 21 at the end of May, which is even more hard to believe, as many of his diapers as I changed. Everyone's getting so old... which I guess beats the alternative.

I've picked up so many new students that I really need to get better organized and more disciplined about creating lesson plans. Maybe it's not completely necessary; the lessons tend to go very well, but I just feel better having something specifically prepared for each person. That's actually what I should be doing right now.

First, gonna cook up some breakfast for me and wifey, though.

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